Thursday, October 2, 2008

Let ME decide for you!

Feminism: the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the all people.
I’m highly aggravated with the right-wing media touting Palin as a feminist; simply having a vagina does not automatically make one a feminist. To call one a feminist is implying that one is an advocate of ending oppression and supporting people’s rights to make choices that govern their lives. This is an ideology that Palin does not support. She doesn’t support women to make decisions concerning their body. No, she wants to make that decision for us. She wants to overturn Roe v Wade and make it illegal for a pregnant woman to have an abortion, even in the case of rape. First of all, not every woman wants to be a mother; just because we are the “givers of life” does not mean that our bodies should be treated as mere incubators. Second, a woman goes through the emotional and physical trauma of being raped and happens to get pregnant. Is it really logical, let a lone ethical, to force that women to postpone her healing process for nine months due to the “sanctity of life?” Maybe a better way to reduce the amounts of abortions would be to provide better health care to more people…hmmm… now that’s a hell of an idea! Instead of abstinence-only health education, why not provide our children with a proper sex education. Teach them the risks and how they can be better prepared. Kids these days are having sex younger than ever and a lot of them having babies and acquiring STD’s because no one is educating them. Providing kids with condoms doesn’t give them a golden ticket to get laid, it’s a tool to keep them safe.

Choice…back to choice.

Palin doesn’t support gay and lesbian folks in their decision to get married, because apparently marriage is only between a man and a woman. Those gays and lesbians are second-class citizens, let’s deny them rights! She’s ok with denying benefits for same-sex couples further claiming, “I believe that honoring the family structure is that important.” So families can only exist if everyone is straight?

There are a multitude of reasons why I can’t stand Sarah Palin, but I wanted to stress the reasons that I believe she is NOT a feminist, despite the garbage she has been spewing throughout her campaign. Another issues that been a bur in my side is the fact that the right wing has persistently attacked the media as being sexist for their aggressive questioning of her record and readiness to be in a position of power; these same people previously ignored the claims of sexism from the Clinton campaign. That tells me that the conservatives believe that it’s ok to be sexist to a woman… as long as that woman is a liberal. Besides, just because Palin is a woman doesn’t mean that she should have sanctuary from the media. There is a reason the media has been quizzical about her record, because Americans deserve a VP that will be ready to lead if the situation arises.

Finally, we have a woman in the race for the White House and its Sarah Palin. What a complete and utter disappointment. Palin has proved through her interview with Couric and her debate against Biden that she possesses very little knowledge of what’s going on in the real world. Winking repeatedly and constantly using the word “maverick” isn’t going to fool voters that actually have functioning brains in their skulls. Palin likes to plug that’s she’s that everyday middle-class American--a Joe Six-Pack--and that’s what the people need. There is no way in hell that I would go two houses down to my average American neighbor and ask them to run my country, that reasoning is completely asinine. The Pew Research Center surveyed a representative national sample of 1,502 adults in February of 2007 to get a feel for the American public’s news habits; this survey found that only 69% of the respondents could name the current vice president, 66% knew their state’s governor, and a mere 37% knew that the Chief Justice is conservative. Sounds to me like quite a few Joe Six-Packs could use some good ol’ news in their lives.

I’d like to end my rant with something I found deliciously ironic… especially considering I’m a fan of that terrible 80’s movie Top Gun. If McCain is Maverick then that must make Sarah Palin….you guessed it! Goose! We all know what happened to the poor and unfortunate Goose; he crashed and burned (well actually he ejects into the cockpit canopy and is killed on impact, but you get the point). Looks like Palin is keepin’ to the script.

For the record: Goose was my favorite.


Nick said...

Not surprisingly, the same far left who preaches "acceptance" and "multiculturalism" refuses to accept that not all women are angry, bra-burning, feminists like Gloria Steinham or Andrea Dworkin.

And it's strange that American feminists are outraged at Palin's beliefs but are silent when Iranian President Amadinejad speaks at the U.N. Apparently American feminists don't care their sisters are virtual slaves to radical Islam where they are not even allowed to choose what they wear, are sexually mutilated and killed by their husbands and brothers.

Ah, American liberalism. Indeed, it is a mental disease.

Me said...

There was never any actual bra burning dear...and it's Steinem.
It's also strange that you do not interact with American feminists.... or any feminists for that matter... otherwise you would know that we fight and strive for freeing women from oppression from all corners of the globe.
I can offer you organizations to get involved with if you like.
I want to unshackle all women...regardless of their nation!
Like I always say... Don't place your laws on my body.
You're just mad that I don’t like Palin... admit it...she screwed McCain over in his campaign.... he might of had a chance if he hadn't picked such a bubble head.

As far as sexual mutilation goes… women in America choose to have genital operations because of the corrupt standard of beauty we have been forced into. You should sympathize with women… after all… you do have two sisters that will be walked upon their whole lives.

Anonymous said...

I like what you have to say, but i feel like you're only skimming the surface.

Also wanted to point out that although Palin doesn't support gay marriage, her opponents are of the same stance. Neither Barack Obama nor Joe Biden will openly support gay marriage. I recall in the debate something about her passing/not vetoing some bill about giving same sex couples the same kinds of benefits as straight couples go as far as hospital visitation, court testimony, etc. Joe Biden supported the same kinds of measures, but would not endorse same sex marriages. It's not changing my vote, but it surely does wreak of politics for the sake of getting elected. They all have their faults.

Definitely looking forward to more :)

Thought Criminal said...
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Thought Criminal said...

Good to see you here! :)
I was trying to keep this blog short, otherwise I would have went into more detail. I'm new to this blogging business and I wasn't sure how long of a post people would be willing to read.
The beef of the blog was to explain why I believe she is not a feminist and I think those are two great examples.
Palin has stated that she vetoed that bill because the Alaska attorney general advised her that the bill was unconstitutional, but not because she supported spousal benefits for same-sex couples.
In the 2006 Gubernatorial Candidate Questionnaire Jul 31, 2006 Palin was asked "Do you support the Alaska Supreme Court's ruling that spousal benefits for state employees should be given to same-sex couples?" To which she replied "No, I believe spousal benefits are reserved for married citizens as defined in our constitution."

It is unfortunate that the main candidates do not support gay-marriage. I noticed in the VP debates that when the candidates referred to marriage as being between a man and a woman the approval rates of the focus group hit the roof. It would be impossible for a candidate to support gay marriage and get elected; which is yet another reason a third party candidate like Nader doesn’t stand a chance.
Proposition 8, which is on the California ballot for November, would once again define marriage between a man and a women as the only valid form of marriage and the one one that the state of California would recognize. This is on the ballot because the California Supreme Court overturned Proposition 22. Barack Obama opposes Proposition 8, while John McCain supports it. I think that tidbit is very telling of what Obama could do for civil right's in our country.

~vince said...

Obviously any reaction I have will echo your expressed beliefs.

One area I would be interested in talking about would be the notion that all feminists subscribe to how you define feminism here. To me that is like saying all black folks follow a liberal persuasion.

To me feminism shouldn't narrow its ideological scope. It should promote the advancement of women as empowered agents in society.

To me, being empowered as a woman is what you talk about here. The conservative forces have fought to control the status quo, which as you outline here doesn't advance women empowerment. What is perhaps a paradox (not just of feminism but of power in general) is that how we define "empowerment" defers among the groups and individuals who define it. This is why I always promote open definitions of "isms" that seek to empower the unempowered. Because once we start squeezing out people who don't fit into a box, then we become conservative because we conserve a definition and exclude people.

But I believe this is a fantastic first post and I look forward to reading more. Palin is an absolute fucking joke, but she is mearly a mirror of a failed and ridiculous worldview. She is Estrogen W. Bush, and is as empty and puppet-like as he. I agree she doesn't promote women empowerment and is, instead, a patriarchial puppet whose only real role is to give boners to creepy conservatives whose idea of female empowerment is someone who says exactly what they say and winks at them on television.

Thought Criminal said...

It's a basic definition. The feminist movement is about equality.
This is a blog by the way, I'm speaking from my point of view as a feminist. Yes, feminists disagree on issues, but I personally do not believe a person that denies choice to others is a feminist. Not being able to make a choice concerning your own well-being is oppression.
Abortion is a VERY important issue for me and I would be devastated if women had that option taken away.
I agree 100% with the statement made by bell hooks in her book Feminism is for Everybody :
If feminism is a movement to end sexist oppression, then one cannot be anti-choice and be feminist. The anti-choice movement is fundamentally anti-feminist. While it is possible to individually choose never to have an abortion, allegiance to feminist politics means that they still are pro-choice, that they support the right of females who need abortions to choose whether or not to have them.

Jason Galm said...

As far as Biden he wasn't to happy with Gay marriage. He at least said they should have equal rights with the civil unions. Now as far as Marriage, it is a religious institution involving the church so that should be up to the couples church. (my mom wasn't aloud to marry my dad at his Catholic Church. The priest just wouldn't do it.)

As far as the abortion goes that is a sticky question. I think it is okay within a certain time frame. If you wait till it could function outside the uterus, then you waited to long (IE has a developed brain, eyes, and nervous system....ect) It has been a while since biology, but I think about a month and a half to two months after conception. Personally I believe life starts with you can take in information on a system level, not a cellular level.

Then again I am also against the government telling me I can't sell my body, kill my body, and that it MUST be buckled down when I drive somewhere. If I am dumb enough to sell it while endangering it, then I deserve what I get.

Can't wait to read more :-)